Final Work Review

For the final work review I showed all the different sizes I’ve printed out and the test I did at A2 size. It was agreed that A2 was a big as my images would be able to be printed at, and the difference between the metallic and glossy paper wasn’t massive, only that the metallic was less glossy. Because of this I don’t think it’s going to make a massive difference as to whether I choose to print on metallic or glossy.

What both glossy and metallic have in common however is that they both would look better without any glass or plastic in front, but I so want frames so I’m hopefully going to use floating frames. This will make nothing takes away from the glossy prints. I’m not sure whether I will have white or black frames, I might have them black just because I think a darker frame will blend better with my images. I think that I’m going to make the frames in the 3D workshop to save some money as with buying film, and doing six A2 prints my project is quickly getting expensive.

My prints may not be able to all be in a row because of space, you can’t predict whether people are going to change their mind on how big they’re going to print, as I did myself. I have six final images, so they may have to be two rows of three, or three rows of twos. I’m going to come up with different layout ideas just incase this is how I’m going to present, so I don’t have to worry about the order in the future.

Lastly, thinking about how to incorporate the names into the work, putting them under the images within the frames may look a little tacky, and I don’t want them on the wall next to the images so instead I’m going to include the names within my description which will go next to my work.

Overall I’m pleased with how my work is progressing, and am feeling confident to print and see my project up on the wall.


Urban Landscape: Sixth Shoot

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Yesterday for my sixth shoot as I was walking into Harrow I noticed that I hadn’t really paid attention to the walk up to the hill as you first enter Harrow-on-the-Hill so I focused on taking pictures of this area.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 13.41.33

Shown above are the images I showed my peers at our final work review, the feedback I had was that the images I have taken would work in a larger series, but in just six images they do not give the viewer enough information about what I’m trying to portray, it needs to be more obvious. What was suggested is that I use one image of the the view of the landscape, and then have closer photographs of the hidden trash seen around the town to make more of a statement. This I thought is a really good idea, and perhaps I will carry on with this project to create a bigger body of work which will contain all of my other images that will not be included, but for this project I think that what has been suggested will work a lot better so I will go out and do further shoots looking closer at the subjects I want to photograph.