Final Images in Frames

For submission I decided to put my final images in the unfinished frames so that you could see what they would look like. Unfortunately as I only measured one of the frames you can see some of the white canvas around my images in the frames. This is even more noticeable in the frames which have already been sprayed black.
2017-04-13 10.53.49.jpg

Even from far away in the image above you can see the image on the far left has some white in the bottom; however, you cannot see any white in the image on the far right.
I’m not sure how I’m going to correct this for the exhibition, it may mean making the frames again, or I might perhaps be able to pull them apart and make them smaller. It only cost me £15 to make them so this would be the better option than having to pay another £54 to print plus £38 for mounting my images again. Making the frames again would be more cost effective.

This set aside I am really pleased with how my final images look, I particularly think the size was a good choice. Whilst carrying them around and when I was mounting I got quite a few compliments on them, particularly the one of Poppy, which is the third one in. Once I have sorted out the issue with the frames I think they will look very good in the exhibition and I’m looking forward to seeing them up on the gallery wall with everyone’s work.


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