Last Tutorial

Today was the last tutorial before the deadline. I’ve made all of my frames, but as I made them a specific size it made it really difficult to print my images the right size to fit them. It took me three tries before I got it right. It was difficult to get the images into the frames as well so it was decided that it would be easier to mount them onto foam board or cardboard so that they will be flat. This will also stop them from crinkling and protect the prints.

In order to decide whether I wanted to mount on foam board or cardboard I did a test of one of my prints on each, and also did this by using cold press and hot press to see which would be best. The cold press technique on foam board proved to be the better of the two. Using hot press and cardboard, and on foam board created texture on the prints because of the nature of the surface, and the way it attaches to the boards.
I also tried foamex PVC, this is a lot like foam board, but is a lot smoother. You can get this 5mm thick or 3mm, the 5mm is actually quite heavy and I think would be too heavy for my frames so the best choice would be to use 3mm. As this creates a smoother surface for my prints this is what I will probably use to mount on.

As I will not have enough time to mount my images and spray paint my frames before submission I am going to submit them mounted onto boards, and just one in a frame which is already finished. Just so they will be able to see what the rest will look like for the exhibition.


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