Making Floating Frames

For my floating frames which I made myself in the 3D workshop I decided to have them 594mm x 354mm rather than the A2 measurement 594 x 420. This is because the size of my images are closer to 594 x 354. If I kept them A2 I would had to have either cropped my image or have a white border, which I did not want to do. As I was making the frames myself I thought I would make the most of the opportunity to personalise them to the images, rather than having to compromise.

2017-04-07 14.32.12

Shown above was my first completed frame, I’m really pleased with the how it looks, but decided that I didn’t want to keep them the wood colour so I bought spray paint to paint them black. However, the spray paint I ordered didn’t arrive so I had to buy some at short notice and could only find some which was meant for metal. I think this is why it would only cover one frame completely and first coat of another. I’m going to have to buy more spray paint, which I’m going to get all purpose rather than for metal, and hopefully it will match the rest.

2017-04-10 14.01.39

Above is my spray paint tester next to the natural wood finish.

2017-04-10 14.52.49

And shown here is my first finished frame. It was very difficult to spray the frame in thin layers as you’re meant to because I was doing it outside and it was windy. I didn’t have as much control as I would have like so the first layer was very blotchy and thick. I think this is why the spray paint ran out so quickly. Hopefully for my next frame when I complete them I will get better at applying in thin layers rather than thick ones, this would mean they would dry quicker.

Overall I am pleased that I made my own frames, and hopefully once they all painted they will still look semi professional with my images in them.


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