My Girl: Layouts

2x33x2 grid

I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to layout my images if I can’t have them in a row. Depending on how much space their is I may need to have them 3×2 or 2×3 if there really isn’t much space on the wall. I found it quite difficult to place them in a grid, as I don’t want the two headlight images next to each other, or the two red images either. I moved them around a lot but have found that these two layouts work the best.

Gallery Mock up 2Gallery Mock up 3

I also did a quick mock up of the different layouts in Sketchup to see that they would look like this way. In these images the space looks very empty, but obviously if it was an issue with space their would be work next to mine also in this space.

I thought it would be useful to think ahead of how I might have to layout the images in case this does happen. I would obviously prefer the images to be presented in a row, as each image is used to represent the individual car, and in a way this makes them separate rather than grouped together. Even thought the images have been shot in a similar way, the project is more about each car than them all as a collective. By giving them a name it sets them apart from other cars of the same model, and personalises it to the person who owns them. The project is also commenting on what sets these cars apart, why they might have been named what they have.

What I will be doing next is making my floating frames in the 3D workshop and print out my final images.



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