Exhibition Mock Up


Gallery Mock up

Shown above is my exhibition mock up, which I created using Sketchup, once I had figured out how to use the programme it was fairly simply to create. I tried to make the image sizes A2, using the person as a reference. I think that this is how big they would be, but it’s not completely accurate as I measured an A2 next to myself to see how big it is, so these may be closer to A1 but you can still get a sense of how the work will be shown. The only thing not included in the image is the floating frames, from looking at this mock up I’m pretty sure I want them in frames rather than just mounted on foam board. I think they need this added feature to separate them from each other more by having a border. I also think that this would memorialise the cars more, and show the affection put towards them, rather than them just being put on a wall as they are.

I’m also going to create mock ups of how the images would look 3×2 or 2×3 as we don’t have unlimited space I may not be able to have my images in a row, however I would prefer them to be in a line as shown. The reason I think this would work better is because it makes it more about each individual car, as that’s what they are. I think as previously if I included three of each car a grid would work better as they were meant to be grouped, but now that I using one of each car I think this works a lot better.


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