My Girl: A2 Print Test

In order to help me decide what size I’m going to print my final images I did a test of sections of each image on one sheet on A2. The paper I used was glossy, and I also tried metallic which is a new paper the University have brought in.

2017-03-30 14.34.52 (1).jpg

Shown above, on the left is the metallic finish and on the right is the glossy paper. The images are in a different order is because I only did the glossy layout very quickly and wanted to straighten it up, but forgot to put them in the same order. The picture has only been taken on my iPhone as well. It’s very hard to see the different in this image, and also in real life, I’m not sure which paper I prefer.

The quality of the images is actually pretty good for the format they were taken on. I did however use Ektar 100 film, so I think this made a big different. I think I would be happy to print them all this big, I’m going to show the group these images at the final work review to help me decide how big I should print them. I’m a little cautious to have them really big because of the quality, but I agree that having them small and in domestic frames may take away the quality of the images in general.

Another thing to think about is how the glossy or metallic are going to look behind glass/plastic if I choose to frame them, as this can also change how they look. I’m getting there, but there are still a few more decisions to make as we get closer to the deadline. The small images which I placed in a domestic environment were printed on glossy paper and where behind plastic, which I didn’t think effected the quality too much.

Overall I may be changing my mind on how I want to present, even though testing out different sizes and paper has confused me, it is helpful to see the same work in so many different ways.


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