Tutorial Review

After having my tutorial and discussing my previous presenting ideas, I may print at A3 or A2 and frame them, displaying the names of the cars. With my domestic presenting idea I could have them in everyday frames on the wall and make a wallpaper, however because the images are so clean and clinical looking this may take away from them.

Instead of printing them all at A2 straight away I’m going to do a test print of all the cars I’m using as my final prints and seeing what they would look like this big. As I shot on 35mm they may look too grainy, and lose quality printed this big, which isn’t what I want. From previous prints I have decided I want them to be glossy, as this really brings out the colours.

During my tutorial I also discussed possible title names such as Anthropomorphic but perhaps having this title AND placing the images in a domestic atmosphere may be too obvious. Instead, and especially if I print them bigger and display in a more structured way, I may title the project My Girl. Due to the fact all the cars I’m using as my final images have female names, and people who name their car a feminine name will tend to call their cars “my girl”. I really like this as a title, especially by having either labels or the names under the images this could be very effective.

Next I’m going to do an A2 test print and see how they turn out, and also decide how i’m going to frame and place the names in the gallery. They could be within the frames under the image, or stuck on a label next to them, I will test out both ways in photoshop to help me decide.


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