Tate Modern

On another visit to the Tate Modern I focus more on the paintings, looking at the type of frames they are in. I thought it would be interesting to not just look at how photography is exhibited, but also other forms of art.

2017-03-27 12.44.182017-03-27 12.46.36

The pieces shown above are framed in a similar way as I would expect to see photography work. I really liked the layout of this work, with the grid of twelve images with a portrait frame next to them.

2017-03-27 12.43.572017-03-27 12.44.12

With the other work what I found interesting was the combination of different frames for each individual painting. When thinking about my own work, in a way each car has such different colours that they could have very different frames to go with each tone. Much as frames tend to compliment the tones of a painting. Even though it’s a different medium, so much photography work is influenced by painting that when it comes to being displayed they are quite similar.

During wall I have really opened my mind to different ways of displaying work, and also thought about how I want to display my own work in more depth. Asking myself why I want to display it in this way rather than just sticking them up on the wall in anyway, just to get them up. It’s made me realise how much thought goes into how people present their images. The way work is displayed can completely change the way it is received.


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