Presenting Ideas: part two

Further looking at ideas of how I could present my project, whilst I was home I replaced some of our family photos with images from my project. I wanted to see what they would look like in a domestic environment. One of my ideas for how I could present is turning a section of the gallery space into a domestic environment such as this and presenting them in frames you would find in peoples homes. I couldn’t use all the frames which had been placed on top of these draws in my family home as some were printed larger or were portrait and couldn’t be turned landscape.


Shown above is the display I created, I’m actually really pleased with how it looks. I like that they’re in different styled frames rather than all the same. I also like that all the frames are different sizes even though the images themselves are the same size. I’m also pleased with the image I have framed, as previously I had been showing them in threes, but I think one image of each car works better, gives more of a variety.


My mums also had some flowers in vases so I thought I would put them with the images to see what it would look like, and I think this works even better.  A lot of the cars are quite vibrant colours so the flowers compliment them. It also gives off more of a domestic environment, as well with the ornaments which are there as well.

It is also interesting to note that all the cars within the images have female names, or are related to femininity. From left to right they are; Kylie, Penelope, Goddess, The Bitch, Poppy and Amber. So having them in a feminine environment is interesting as well.
I’m not sure what sort of table I would be able to get hold of to have within the gallery, whether I could borrow one or find one fairly cheap, but then there’s storage for before and after the exhibition which could be an issue.

I’m glad that I am getting closer to figuring out how I want to present my work, and I think that the images shown above will perhaps be my final images for the exhibition. I think they work really well together.



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