Large C-Type Workshop

For this workshop we were shown how to create large c-type prints in the colour darkroom. We used 24×20 paper, my enlarger was Durst 22 and I used a 50mm lens as I was using 35mm negatives. For smaller images you may have to use an 80mm lens instead. The size of the measuring board was at 23w to 16h in inches with 2 notches at the top and 1/2 at the side.

2017-03-27 21.29.12.jpg

The bottom image was my first attempt, the border was not straight and the colour was not right, the top image was my second attempt, the border is better for this one but the colour still is not quite right.
For prints this large it’s best to use either 120 or large format negatives, but I really wanted to see what this image from my current project would look large as I’ve been thinking about how to display. It took me a long time to get the colour right in the image, and even the print shown is still not quite right, so straight away I think printing in the colour darkroom is going to be a very time consuming method. I think that particularly this image looks very painterly this large, you wouldn’t even know that it was a part of a car. Some of my images are quite obvious but this one is definitely the most abstract. However it is my favourite image I’ve taken so far, which is why I picked it.

Because I’ve been working on 35mm, particularly the images that have more detail I think will look very grainy this large. This is another reason I think it would look best if I printed them small.
When I was a college we were always encouraged to print everything really big, just for the sake of it being big, so I think now that experience has made me prefer small prints. It obviously depends on the project, but I have been preferring small prints over large for my own work. It was however a very good experience and for the future if I want to do large prints I will have a better knowledge of how to do it.


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