Fourth Shoot

For my fourth shoot I again used my Pentax K1000 with a 50mm lens, with a ring flash. I shot at the Ace Cafe again at their VW Air Cooled and T4/T5 Vans, which is the same event I went to previously. Some of the same cars were there again, which as I was on my own helped me approach people as I noticed a women I approached who owned ‘The Bitch’ (the yellow VW Beetle) to show her some of the pictures I took, I then was introduced to the man she was with who owned a Van named Nigel. His Van was named this because someone he knew always called it Nigel, thinking it was its name, so he just decided he’d name it that. Once someone called it that so much it just started to to look like a Nigel. He also bought it for £200, the seller tried to buy it back for £2000 because he regretted selling it so cheap.

Through this man I then met another who has a VW Camper names Oakey, which he’s had for thirty years. I talked to them both for a long time, they told me a lot about why they got the vans, and even just about life in general. The only problem with this is that I didn’t get the chance to take all the pictures I wanted because I was distracted chatting to them instead. Even though the experience was good, I’m not very happy with the images I got from the shoot, I think I much prefer the images I’ve taken without the ring flash in daylight. The ring flash picks up all the dirt on the cars, and also leave highlights and over exposure reflected in the car. Whereas in my images without flash the colour and exposure looks more even and doesn’t leave a vignetting around the edges of the image.
Some of the cars I photographed I didn’t get the name of as I didn’t have enough courage to go inside and ask who owned them and I didn’t see them go to their cars, but I may create names for them if I want to add them in. I was against creating fictional names for the cars, but after hearing the Nigel story I think it would work.

All together they might look okay, if I have a mixture of them both put together. Previously I have put them into groups of three’s, but if I have just one image of each I think it will work better. Overall I’m glad I went to the event and gained more experience talking to people, for me it was a big deal to go on my own so I’m really pleased with how I approached people their. I need to think further about how I’m going to present my work but I’m pleased with how it’s going to far.


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