Why Do People Name Their Cars?

As part of my research for my project I googled Why do people name their cars? to see what would come up. I was surprised by how many articles popped up on this subject, including ones of the most popular car names, these were however mostly American surveys based on states rather than the UK. Some of the titles were Why Do People Feel the Need to Name Their Cars?, Some people like to name their car. Why?, The most popular car names and Why People Name Their Machines. 

The top ten car names in American are apparently:
1. Betsy
2. Bessie
3. Baby/Betty
4. [The] Beast
5. Sally
6. Bertha
7. Lucy (wish I found a car with the same name as me)
8. Big Red
9. Buddy/Fred/Stella

Here in the UK I have not found any cars named any of the above, do Americans and the English name their cars completely differently? The article also had a list of car names given by men and by women, however both of the top ones for this list were Betsy, this is obviously a very popular name for cars.

Most of the articles discuss the same sort of things, how we give cars human characteristics or mention Anthropomorphism, which is the technical term for this. As this was coming up so much when talking about why people name their cars I thought it could be a possible title for my project. I’ve been struggling to think of a title, as I was hoping during one of my shoots someone I spoke to might say something that would be a good title, but nothing came. I can’t think of anything anyone has said either which I think would work. So, my project may be named Anthropomorphic which I think due to the nature of my project would work as a title, so for now I’m going to use this as a working title.

Articles mentioned:






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