Workshop: Framing and Light Box

For this workshop we were shown examples of different frame designs we can create and the equipment we’ll need to use.

Above shows different finishes we can do, and also if we buy the mould we can create any design we want using the rotor machine.

The first thing we were shown is how to make a simple frame, during the workshop we made the frame example on the left.

To cut the 45 degree angle for the frame we were shown two different machines, the one on the left is the chop saw, this can give you a very neat cut, but can be difficult to get precisely the same size each time. You can also use the machine shown on the right, which is what we used to make the example one we made in the workshop. The wood we were using was very thick so we had to do it a piece at a time, which meant it would be quite a bit slower and the edge is more likely to become uneven.

2017-03-14 11.34.16

The image above is a clamp that can be used to hold the frame together whilst the glue is drying. There’s also the blue clamp you can see in the background, but wouldn’t perhaps work that well with frames with a short length way.

2017-03-14 11.20.50

The under pinner is used to staple the frame together, you can also use a staple gun or nail gun to add strength to the frame if it’s thick.

2017-03-14 11.18.07

Here are some more examples of how frames can be put together. At the bottom of the pile the back board has been slotted in the middle by creating a trench, this is a permanent way of keeping it together. The top isn’t as permanent as it has clasps which mean you can open the back up and take the photograph or whatever you play into it out of it again.

With light boxes we were advised to asked others opinion who have experience with light and how it interacts with different lights when choosing what kind of light source we’re going to use, for example LED, or bulbs.

I found it very helpful to have this workshop and feel confident to go to the 3D workshop and make my own frames for the exhibition.



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