Presenting Ideas

Beginning to think about how I’m going to present my work on the wall, to begin this I have made a couple of mock ups placing my images within exhibitions I have either been to or found on google images.

I wanted to see what my images would look like framed, different sizes, large and small, clustered or in a row.

2017-03-13 11.11.49

The first image of an exhibition was taken from Roger Mayne’s at the Photographers Gallery. I really liked his images where laid out, however there were both landscape and portrait images displayed, whereas mine are all landscape so I blocked out the portraits. His work didn’t really work with mine so this made it easier to see what it looked like, even though it is quite distracting.

I do quite like this layout, I’m not sure how well it would work with just landscaped however, as the portraits make the images fit together nicely. I did however want to show what it would look like with less of a structure to the way they’re set out on the wall, even though the way images are presented are always thought through.



The next layout I tried I just found on google images, I thought the frames where a nice size to see what my images would look large rather than small. I think I definitely prefer my images smaller. I want the viewing experience to be more intimate, and the way they’re displayed quite domestic. This would be to show the intimacy and closeness between the cars and their owners. I’m not saying that there’s anything fetishising between the cars and their owners, but to name something is showing a caring and closeness towards it.

Overall I found doing these mock ups really helpful in helping me decide how I want to display my images, and will continue to try different ways of displaying. Visiting galleries has also been very helpful, seeing so many different ways you can present photography.


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