Wolfgang Tillmans

Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition is currently being held at the Tate Modern. For the exhibition he did not have any labels throughout the rooms explaining the work, but instead had it all in the booklet. This contains the descriptions of what each of the fourteen rooms shows. Each of these rooms was especially designed by Tillmans as a personal response to the present moment. To objective of the work was to engage the audience with themes of community, sociability, empathy and vulnerability.

Throughout the exhibition Tillmans includes both large and small prints, including a room which if full of his books and any magazines which his photographs have been included in.

The exhibition was so expansive that I took so many pictures, which I’m not entirely sure which images are from what room. I have included above some of the layouts which I found the most interesting. I quite liked the small clustered images and the way he spaced them around the room. It was a good use of the space, each room seemed full of work, and some of the images actually got repeated because it worked with different pieces.

This work in particular I found very interesting as it relates quite well with my current project. I think the way the images of the cars are laid out in the book works really well, and the large printed image of the headlight included in the gallery. I think however because of the context of my work I’d prefer to have mine smaller and more intimate, but in the space and with his other work I think this fit well. I was hoping he would have had more of the work on display, but it was great to be able to look at all the different books he’s created over the year including The Cars. 

Over all I found Tillman’s exhibition very inspirational when thinking about the way I want my work displayed, and also how best it is to display an extensive amount of work in an effective way. I particularly liked how he decided to include all the descriptions in the booklet rather than having them on the wall in the gallery space. I think this made it more intimate, and also easier to be able to move around and read it than having to crowd around the same spot to try and read what the work is about.


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