Claire Barrow: Dancing With Dreams

Dancing With Dreams by Claire Barrow is exhibited in Galeria Melissa. The top floor of the shop located in Covent Garden, London is a shoe shop, but down the stairs the work is presented in a single room.

The work integrates sculpture, performance, technology, fashion, film and music. By having such a multi media art work it really immerses you into the work. By having such a small space as well it gives the work focus, you can’t look away. It’s was a very surreal experience.

There are five sculptures in the room, which work in conjunction with the projection of the performers on the wall behind each one. The sculptures were created using found material, which is something that is very important to the Melissa’s shoe brand.

This installation is used to illustrate themes such as the ideas society put upon people. This includes prejudices, romantic ideals, initial assumptions or stereotypes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 15.33.56Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 15.34.10Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 15.34.32

Unfortunately I could not upload the video I took of the installation so that you can here the music playing, but you get the idea of the layout from the screenshots from the video I took. I did not take any still images as I felt it was a piece of work you need to see in movement.

I thought that the sculptures and projections worked well together, they fit within a theme. It was very interactive and allowed you to walk around the sculptures and see them up close. The artist statement for the exhibition is shown outside so you can read it before entering. I think it was a good use of the space, the art work was focussed on the around the edge of the room, which had infinity walls which curved into the flooring. You could step back and observe the work all at once, or go up close to see the details on the sculptures.

The room had no lighting except what was coming in from the stairway, with lights focussing just on the sculptures, and the projections obviously lit themselves.

Overall I thought it was a very interesting installation, which used many different types of media in order to express a message.


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