Roger Mayne


Roger Mayne’s (1929-2014) work is currently being shown at The Photographers Gallery. This exhibition of his work is the first since 1999. He was a British photographer whose most famous work was taken in the 1950s, showing community life in London’s Southam Street. The exhibition not only shows his most famous work, but also the beginning of his photography which began in Leeds.

Above I have included some photographs I took of the exhibition, as you can see it has been designed so their are both large and smaller prints. The larger images have been placed behind glass, resting on wood and clips holding it together. The smaller ones are all in white frames, and have been grouped together. There were also tables which had more of his personal work and notes.

As well as the photographs in frame, some images have been shown using projectors on five different frames which show Mayne’s commissioned work The British at Leisure. This includes three-hundred and ten colour images which are being shown on the screens. These were shown in a separate dark room to the rest of the exhibition.

I quite liked how the images were grouped together with the large and smaller images. The smaller images have been spaced together like a collage. I also thought having projectors was an excellent way to show a large body of work without having to have a large space. Although you would have to sit in the projection room in order to actually see all the of the images.

Overall I thought it was very inspiring to see Roger Mayne’s work in the exhibition. I always find it fascinating looking at photography work from a completely different time to my own. Those images will never be taken again which makes them unique. Shows a specific moment in time we will never witness.


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