Third Shoot

For my third shoot, some of the images are on the second shoot contact sheet as I didn’t finish the roll of film at Ace Cafe and carried it on later. For this shoot I used my Pentax K1000, Ektar 100 and a 50mm lens, which I used on my first shoot. I didn’t have any issues with the flash on this shoot because it was so sunny I didn’t actually use it for a lot of the shots. This shoot required me to go to the cars, rather than it being an event so I was able to do it during the day, which made focussing a lot easier.







With this shoot I had more variety with the cars. The top three are of Amber, a VW Camper Van, the next trio are of Penelope the Porsche, and last is Poppy, a Mini. I am a lot happier with the composition of these images than the previous, and I particularly think that the images of Poppy came out really well. These images look more clinical than my previous shoot, and are less homey and personal to the individual car, apart from the very top image, where you can see the curtains from the car, but I still feel the image works in the trio.

When sorting out which photographs I like the most, I tried to pick three of each. I guess I wanted a group of images of each car, but not too many so three seemed the perfect number. I’m now wondering whether this decision was made subconsciously because Instagram has a layout of threes. This popped into my head as I began posting them on the website and found it quite interesting that I had seemingly been thinking of how many I would need to complete a row.

Overall, I think I’ve found the kind of style and composition I want for my series of images, unfortunately I haven’t had any inspiration for a name yet, but I’m hoping by the end of the project I will have found one which fits.


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