Second Shoot: Ace Cafe

For my second shoot I visited the Ace Cafe for their VW air cooled and T4/T5 Van event. For this shoot I used my Pentax K1000 with Ektar 100 film, a ring flash and a 135mm lens. I only realised when I got to the event and started shooting that the 135mm lens was to zoomed for me to use the ring flash, so it had to be taken off and held closer to the car. This made it difficult for me to focus and also get the shots I wanted. Another difficulty I had was focussing in the low light, it was okay with cars who were within the lights, but ones further out didn’t have any external light on them. For some shots I got my assistant for the shoot to light the area up with the light on their phone so I could focus, however it was difficult as they had to hold the ring flash and light metre as well.




The Bitch



These are some of my favourite shots from the shoot, all of the cars shown above were VW Beetles. The first three are of a Beetle named Ben, then the next three are from one called The Bitch and lastly is Minty. What I found difficult about shooting these cars was that I tended to focus more towards the stickers put on the car rather than the car itself. Even though I don’t think they necessarily fit with this project, if I find more with them I think I’m going to continue shooting them as they are very interesting and perhaps say a lot about the driver as it’s there way of personalising it.

Overall I’m very pleased with how my second shoot went, it took some courage for me to approach people about their cars and take pictures of them, but by the end of the night I felt very comfortable as I eased into it. I think that as well as having a project that interests me, I also like that it’s challenging me as a photographer to step out of my comfort zone and gain some confidence.




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