First Shoot

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My first shoot was shot with my 35mm camera (Pentax K1000) with Kodak Colourplus film and ring flash. I am not going to use Colourplus for my final images as the colour is not accurate to the car at all, I would for final images spend more time editing. I only used this film as I wanted to do a test shoot for composition rather than the actual film used, and I happened to have this film which I got for free.

The car photographed here is my partners, he has not named it, but it’s an interesting one as his friends are always calling it a ‘hairdressers car’ suggesting that it’s a feminine car. This is what I was thinking of when I tried to photograph it, which I found harder than I thought I would. What I found difficult was pointing out areas which I thought looked feminine. My favourite shot I took was of the headlight, which looks like a cat eye.


I cropped this image so that it was diagonal and fit into the corners of the frame. I also tried to edit out the flash, I didn’t do this very well but with more work I think it would look better than having it in. I thought the flash would be more of an issue than it was, I didn’t actually get very much flash back in my photographs.

Reflections were a big problem, the car was so shiny from being waxed that I found it hard not to get myself in some of the shots I wanted to take. Unfortunately at all the car shows I’m likely to go to for this project, the cars are going to be this shiny as they owners get them ready for display. This is another problem with the ring flash, I cannot have the ring flash and a polarising filter on at the same time, but when I tested the polarising filter I don’t think it would have made much of a difference anyway.


Above are a few more of my favourite shots from my first shoot which I have edited. Without looking at them next to each other as shown above it was hard to get them the same colour, so I apologise for the sloppy colouring.

Overall I am fairly happy with how my first shoot went. I think there’s still lots to figure out and explore, lots of car shows to visit, but hopefully I will be able to gather some interesting images together.


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