Research: Crash


J.G Ballard’s book Crash (1973) is a novel about symphorophilia specifically car-crash sexual fetishism. The main character in the book becomes sexually aroused by staging and participating in real car crashes, and fantasises about dying with a particular celebrity in a crash which he plans meticulously. Every detail is thought through. Although this isn’t the direction my project is going, it was interesting to read some of the story to see how people sexualise cars and being in crashes with them. With how I’ve been photographing the cars, very clean and particular it’s easy to see how they can be fetishised.

‘Mechaphile’ is when someone is sexually attracted to machines. I discovered this through a video on Facebook on a man who has claimed to have slept with 1000 cars before settling down with one. Before I had begun my project I had no idea people such as these existed, I did not think of it as a fetish, but was just interested in why people name their cars. My eyes have now been opened to a world I never knew existed, and whether I’m better off I’m not sure. I was very shocked however to see the video posted on Facebook, seemed a bit of a coincidence that I was doing this project and it suddenly popped up on my screen as I’ve never seen an article on the subject before.

Even though these aren’t the subjects I’m trying to show in my photographs, it’s interesting to see how they might be interpreted when put on display and even though the subject matter was a little disturbing, J.G Ballard is a very good writer, but perhaps I’ll be reading one of his other books.



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