Revised idea/project proposal


Name                                                             e-journal

Lucy Dack                                                     

Project Titles (or working titles)

Cars with names  (Temporary title)


What are you going to photograph for each project?

The subject for my project will be cars. 

Aims, Objectives, Concept

Discuss your intentions with each project, your visual strategy and the form the series might take.

My intentions for this project is to form a series of images of cars which have been named by their owner. They will be close up images of details from the cars rather than the whole of it.
The style will be documentary as I will hopefully be able to form a dialogue between me and the owners of the cars on what they named their car and why. 


Discuss that artists, photographers, filmmakers, writers, etc that have influenced the development of your idea.

Martin Parr’s series Signs of the Times and Thinking of England have influenced me visually and conceptually. I have also been looking at the work of Sophie Green and her series A Day at the Races and Dean Chalkley’s One. Green and Chalkley have inspired me visually and are more based on cars and different cultures surrounding them.


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