Wall: initial ideas

The initial ideas I have had for my next project for the module Wall were:

  1. Of Cars and Men (Title would change)

    Re-shaping a previous project I did during my time at college which I thought could use re-doing as I wasn’t 100% happy with the final images I produced.
    This project was about how we fix genders to cars without knowing who’s driving them. This was an exhibition piece were I grouped the owners together and the cars separately and through a ballot box allowed viewers to guess who owned which car.
    However, after speaking with my tutor Rachel I realised that this isn’t the sort of work you would see in a major exhibition or gallery space so I would go about it in a different way. Instead she suggested to focus more on the details of the cars instead, and even leave out the portraits.

    I also recently thought about basing the project around a community called The Supercars of Essex, however this won’t be possible in the time limit due to the weather. It’s not the time of year where meets are happening so this wouldn’t be possible.
    Then, instead of this I thought that I could base the series around people who name their cars, I only know of one person personally but through social media I may be able to find more. This is something I’m going to look into, see how many responds I get and then decide whether it would be possible to do in the time limit or not.

  2. Pats Flowers
    My second idea was based around a flower shop in my home town which recently changed to a vintage tea shop. Many of the shops change a lot in my home town due to it being so small, it must be hard to keep a business running. I was thinking about photographing individual shops, and then titling them with the name of the shop they were previous to the one they are now.
    This is also something which I’m going to have to research, to see how many shops I would be able to do, as most of them have been the same since I was born. Although my parents and grandparents should be able to tell me what they were before as they have lived there nearly all their lives.
    The problem with this project is that Pat Flowers is the only shop changing which has  affected me personally. It was suggested that I could base the whole project around this one shop but I’m not sure how much information I would be able to accumulate.

To be able to decide which direction I’m going to go in I need to start shooting, to see which one is going to drive me and interest me the most.


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