(All images taken from the Tate Modern website)

Robert Rauschenberg’s exhibition at the Tate Modern consists of most of his work he created throughout his career in light of his death in 2008. The exhibition in formed in a loose chronological order, and each room is dedicated to different areas he worked in, the first showing his earliest works.

There are eleven rooms altogether within the exhibition packed with his work. Walking through it is staggering to see all the different kinds of media Rauschenberg used in his work such as, painting, sculpture, photography, performance, electronics and digital printing.  He was always trying to move away from the conventional boundaries placed in both art and life which is why he became so well known in American art.

In my own work, I am very systematic and fairly simplistic, so to see work such as Rauschenberg fascinates me to see all the different possibilities in art, and how many different medias can be used. It was also inspiring seeing all the different experimentations he made throughout his career as it shows you don’t have to stick to the same medium your whole life. Exploring different medias can make work more exciting, and perhaps keep a fresh curiosity for it. However, even though Rauschenberg’s work is in different mediums, you can see the connections in his work, moving from one room to the other, it feel coherent and as if the progression is natural, rather than feeling you’re looking at the works of several different people.

My favourite works by Rauschenberg were his sculptural and combines, I like the physicality of the work, how objects come off the canvas and into a space in front of me, something I can walk around and see all aspects. Overall I found looking at his collection of work thought provoking and interesting, to be able to see an artists collection of work in a exhibition is incredible, seeing the different areas captured their creativity.


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