Lecture 1: Photography Between

The photograph as mobile, in different contexts.

For example; fashion magazine work can be represented in a book or in an exhibition.

William Klein

  • First to take models to the street.
  • Shown in Tate Modern (large prints)
  • Magazine (made for)
  • Abstract photographs for cover of magazine in Tate.
William Klein, feature on fashion in Rome, Vogue (USA), April 15, 1960
William Klein exhibition, Tate Modern, October 2012 – January 2013
William Klein abstract photos for the cover of Domus magazine (1952-64), Tate Modern, October, 2012 – January 2013

Taking images which weren’t meant for the wall to an exhibition.

Rut Blees Luxemburg

  • Mainly exhibition work (large).
  • CD covers (bloc party and the street)
Rut Blees Luxemburg, from the series A Modern Project, 1996 c-type prin on aluminium, 50 inches x 40 inches
Cover of Rut Blees Luxemburg’s first book of her photographs, London: a modern project, 1997

CD covers uses Rut Blees Luxemberg’s images (they paid her to use them, but they weren’t shot for this purpose)


Brassai photo, Minotaure magazine 1936
Brassai photos, Lilliput magazine 1936
  • Same image used in a different way.

Bill Brandt

  • Paired with etchings (Verve magazine)
  • Brandt’s book ‘The English at Home’ image flipped and printed in a different way.
Bill Brandt 1930s photos paired with Gustav Doré etchings of London, Lilliput magazine 1939
Bill Brandt photos paired with Gustav Doré etchings, Verve magazine 1939
Opening spread of Bill Brandt’s book The English at Home, 1936

Every photograph has the potential to exist in many places.

  • The photograph has the right to exist anywhere.

This module is to help us think about our work in different contexts

  • The context of our own work
  • The context of other people’s work
  • Challenges, possibilities and attitudes

Different ways to think about context

  • Genre: landscape, portrait, documentary
  • Institutions: fashion, art, advertisement, news
  • Platform: wall, page and screen

Can overlap, broken down in more detail

Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, People in Trouble Laughing Pushed To The Ground, 2011

  • Book, e-book/app, exhibition (Tate Modern)
  • Different ways of viewing the work (more in the e-book than actual book)

Susan Meiselas

  • Carnival Strippers (1979) tape recording and images.
  • Frustrated with book layout (1979) wanted the audio transcribed.
  • Re-do in 2003, more transcripts (came with CD).
  • Struggled with format.

Was asked to join Magnum (profit sharing) have no control how work is shown on the page. Don’t control the context.

  • Encounters with the Dani – didn’t really photograph the Dani
  • Life magazine, photographs by anthropologists
  • Returning the images to the place they were made.

Essential Reading:
Susan Meiselas in conversation with David Campany


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