BTF: Final photo book

I am really pleased with how my photo book has come out in the end, I have created a title page for it and have decided to title my project The Divine because of it’s connect to the Design Argument and the thought of a Divine maker creating the eye. I thought that the font went well with this concept, italics is a reasonably old font type which I think goes with the age of the creation of eyes. I also think it reminds me of the font which is used on this for this site, and like the italics of the words The Divine in it.

I really like having these images displayed in this way alongside the images on the wall, I think having them small makes it a lot more intimate, I like that people will have to prick it up and flick through it. Also because it will possibly be handled a lot I am also glad that I did not spend a lot making it, so if it does get ruined I can easily make another one, although I hope that it won’t.

I will be very interested to see whether the connection is made between the photo book and the images on the wall. Whilst I was printing my images that are to be displayed on the wall another student who hadn’t seen my work guessed what the iris images were straight away so I don’t think it will be as difficult as I first thought. Even seeing the iris enlargements on their own, it seems easy to guess what they are, but maybe in the exhibition it will be harder when they are among lots of different work.

Over all I am really pleased with the outcome of all of my images, it will be very interesting to see if all put together in the exhibition.


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