BTF: Layout for Exhibition

Now that I have all of my final images together I have been trying out different orders I could display them it.

To begin with I decided to see what they looked like vertical, however, because I will have a plinth for my photo book this may be too tall so you won’t be able to see the top images very well. I also struggled with the different colours, there are quite a few browns which I tried to split up. I think out of the two layouts shown above I prefer image 2 as I think I’ve managed to split the colours up more effectively. These layouts were taken from the order of my photo book, but as they’re meant to be separate I don’t think these images need to be in the same order.


Image 3
Image 4

I then decided to try them horizontal rather than vertical and I think that these will work much better. Image 3 is the same order as image 2, I think this order works better being horizontal, but I still didn’t think it looked quite right. For image 4 I decided that instead of trying to split up the colours I would work with them, so I tried to put them in order of colour and also dark to light. This layout I think works the best out of them all. I think with these images as they’re next to each other, rather than being on separate pages like the photo book it’s best to order the colours next to each other rather than trying to separate them.

I am really pleased with the how my iris images look, especially when seeing them all together. I think all the different colours and patterns look really interesting together, notably how I have a range of dark to bright colours.


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