BTF: Final images for the wall

I have now chosen my final images which are going to be displayed in the wall along side my photo book. I have decided to print them out at A4 size, if I were doing this for an exhibition where I would have more space ideally they would be much bigger than this, probably A1. As I will need the prints to hand in at the end of the module I did not want to print them out both ways as this would have been too expensive because I have 10 final images. If I had less then I would perhaps have done them all at A3.

To begin with when printing out my images I tried Pinnacle Matte photographic paper, however the first image didn’t have enough contrast when printed on this paper and became very flat, which is not how I wanted them to look. Editing the image to add more contrast messed up the colour as well. I was going to try photo rag paper but as the cheaper matte didn’t turn out very well I didn’t think there was any point trying it as I needed the paper to reflect the light more to get more contrast in my images.

In order to try and get more contrast in my images I tried lustre paper instead, this is the equivalent to semi gloss, so it’s in between matte and gloss. This worked much better and gave me the contrast I wanted in my images. As you can see from the images below just the change in paper made a big difference to the way my images looked. The paper used for images is very important as each has a different quality and reflects the light in different ways.

I am now very happy with how my final images for the wall look, it’s very interesting seeing them is this way, I’m now going to play around with the order to see how I want to display them, I’m not sure how much room I will have so this may change how I will be able to.


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