BTF: Photo book progress

My photo book is now ready to print so I went to the book printers to do colour profile tests, but the paper I am planning on using (Inkjet Spectra matte) doesn’t have one that is already provided and I have not been successful in finding one online either. To try and resolve this issue I decided to try different colour profiles which are already set up on the printers but this was very successful.

As you can see from the images of the tests none of them resemble the correct colours, they’re either too dull or too vibrant. Another issue is how obvious the pupil is as I blacked it out so that the ring flash could not be seen in it.

Unfortunately because none of the colour profiles I tried worked I am going to print the photo book out using my own printer as this is what I used to make the photo type of the photo book and the colours are the closest using this. The reason the paper I bought doesn’t work with the book printers is because it isn’t fine art paper but is office paper and so by using an ordinary printer without a colour profile actually makes it come out better.

The next thing I will have to do is print it out and then fold all of the pages together, I have decided to hold it together using an elastic band, the same way I did the prototype. I wanted it to be fairly simple and low cost so I think that it will work well for what I want it for, I quite like that it will look hand made rather than machine made as I think this goes with the concept of the project well, the man made and the divinely made.


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