BTF: Re-thinking layout

Above shows a comparison of two different types of cropped image from my eyes series.

On the left is how I had originally decided to crop the eye, this is closer in so that the pupil is more of the main focus. Now that I have decided that I am having the eyes displayed separately to the abstract iris images I think that perhaps have more of the eye in the image would work better. I no longer need the iris to be as much of a main focus because the cropped images of the iris are going to be displayed on the wall.

With the full eye in the image it will become less obvious that the iris images have come these eyes. However the issue that I am having with doing this is that the gender and the race of the eyes become more prominent whereas I wanted the eyes to be gender neutral. This isn’t a massive issue but still something that I would have preferred not to have in the images.

I am also now thinking about the size I want to print the enlarged iris images. Ideally I think that I would like them printed fairly big, around A3 as any bigger than this and the iris photographs may look too pixellated. For the exhibition I am currently thinking of printing them A4 and pinning them to the wall. I may however, just to see what it will look like print one of the best iris images A3 and display it in the exhibition and have A4 prints to submit. So that the viewer will be able to see how the prints were meant to look, if I could have them as big as I want.

I have also been thinking about the quality of paper I want to print on, the photo paper which I have for the photo book is matte, and so in order to connect the photo book and the prints I think that I might do the prints on matte paper too. The photographic paper which is closest to what I am using for the photo book is Hahnemühle photo rag, but is slightly more expensive than the standard matte paper I have used before.
Compared to gloss paper, matte gives the images more of a painterly feel to them rather seeming very photographic. I think that for the abstract images matte paper would work better as I want the images to seem more like abstract paintings than iris patterns.


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