BTF: Ink on paper

After my first ink experiment with water I then decided to try and re-create it on paper so that I would have more control. The images above show the results which I took with my iPhone.

This technique was not as easy as I thought it would be, the ink did not spread out in the way I thought it would. The colours were too separate and did not come together. I would have to spend a lot longer with this for it to work.

After trying this I have decided that I’m not going to use ink for my final images but am going to use the cropped images of the eyes showing just the iris. When they’re printed out larger I think that the cropped iris images will look even more abstract. Also by having the eyes in the photo book and having the iris patterns be the first thing the viewer will see it is less likely that they will make the connection between the two straight away.

I did want to create the iris patterns myself but it doesn’t look like it will be possible to make it realistic enough. However by taking the picture of the eye I am using a man made machine and by also cropping it down to just the iris pattern I am creating my own art and interoperation on the eye, rather than it being made by the divine maker.


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