Gender Theory Seminar

I think that my groups presentation went fairly well, we got our point across and sectioned the powerpoint up well between each of us. We each spoke clearly about our subjects and included a lot of information on different areas of gender theory using methods gender, masculinity and transgender.

To improve on this and if we had more time to do the presentation there are different areas in which we could have looked at and in more depth in answering why gender is becoming important again. In relation to the actual presenting part of the seminar as we were quite nervous we could have spoken a bit more and made eye contact with the audience, I myself was mainly focussing on the screen or my notes. If we did it more we would obviously become more confident in speaking in front of people.

During the researching process and working as a team we each picked a subject we were interested in looking into and made sure that it would all fit together in the presentation. Luckily we all had interests in gender theory that linked together really well otherwise this stage would have been a lot more difficult. It was intriguing and also helpful however to hear what others were interested in researching as it showed me that if I were do be doing it on my own these are all methods in which I will need to look into for my essay.

In future work this will help me to think about all the different areas and ways in which I can study pieces of work. By looking at the work and analysing it through different methods it helps create a more interesting and thorough investigation.

Now I will be moving onto doing my own research for my essay, although I have found gender theory interesting I have previously found a body of work by Donna Ferrato Living with the Enemy which I would like use as one of my case studies for the essay question on the ethics of photographing suffering.



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