BTF: Photo book


This is how I had originally planned the layout for the photo book, the size of the paper is A5 and the eyes are on the left and the close up of the iris is on the right. This size is a bit too small to layer all the pages on top of each other which makes the book too thick. I also didn’t realise that when I put all the pages on top of each other the pages would come out wrong and all the eyes would come first and all the close ups would be together at the back half of the book.

Above is my correction of this by printing and cutting out the images shown previously and blue tacking them onto the pages so that I could see how the layout should be. I bound the pages together just by using an elastic band. For the photo book I doubled the size of the length of the paper so that one page would be A5 so that the images fit better as also so that the book in itself was bigger.

Instead of showing the eye and the iris next to each other they are on separate pages so that when you flick through you see an eye and the the close up of the eye. During my tutorial with my tutor he suggested that if I wanted to make it less obvious that the second images were the close ups of the eye and to make it more abstract I could do a photo book with just the eyes, and print out the abstract images larger and have them on the gallery wall. This would mean that the viewers would have to look inside the photo book to make the connection between the two. This would also mean that if I were to create my own iris patterns out of ink etc. then it would be less obvious that they were not the same as the eyes. However my tutor suggested that just by cropping and taking the image of the eye is me creating my own version of the eye so it’s not totally necessary that I need to make it out of something else. I would be good if I were able to paint or use ink as the iris duplicate but if my experiments do not work out then I will just print out the cropped images of the iris instead.



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