Seminar Presentation Workshop

Presentation Layout:

  • Intro (Gender Theory, our names, intro to Claude Cahun)
  • Images and quotes
  • Summary (round up of what has been said)
  • Bibliography

Begin the presentation by introducing Claude Cahun and giving info on her and why her work is important when thinking about gender theory. She revonlutionised gender theory and expression, her work is a performance of sexuality as she transforms herself from hyper feminine to hyper masculine. She was very radical compared to the rest of the photographers we talk about, the difference between the times in which they were created.

When thinking about Caitlyn Jenner and how the image by Annie Leibovitz was inspired by Marilyn Monroe, why was this used? Monroe was a very feminine role model in the 50s, the pose is very conventional, not so radical. It is only the subject matter that gives the image depth.

Look at Gender Performance in Photography, intro by Jennifer Blessing, mentions some of Judith Butlers thesis on gender and makes her writing a little easier to understand.

  • Whitney Chadwick Women and Self Representation 1998
  • Sarah Pusill – did a film on Claude Cahun, why is her work relevant again?
  • Don’t Look at Me 
  • David Bate

Resurgence of photographers interested in gender.


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