First Gender Theory meeting

We decided that for our gender theory presentation we were going to focus on the work of Claude Cahun and possibly Cindy Sherman. Relating Cahun’s work with more recent images.

Caitlyn Jenner Call Me Caitlyn Vanity Fair cover by Annie Leibovitz, being transgender in the modern era – her being on the cover of a major magazine, what does this mean? Relationship between the cover image and Marilyn Monroe beach photograph.

Begin presentation by talking about Claude Cahun and Judith Butlers book Gender Trouble as the basis of what we’re going to talk about, then moving onto more recent work, such as Nan Goldin as Vanity Fair cover of Jenner.
Second section is more about drag and transgender, first part is more about the issue of gender roles and how Cahun used photography to express herself, form characters.

Methods we will be looking at:
– Gender (femininity and masculinity, stereotypes)
– Masculinity (female and male body being able to be both masculine and feminine)
– Transgender (media coverage, people more aware)


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