BTF: Layout


Shown above is an example of what the eye images look like cropped into circles rather than rectangles. After seeing them like this I’m not sure it’s how I want the layout to be for the exhibition, I want more of the rest of the eye to be shown. They do look interesting like this but it puts too much focus on the iris as I do want the viewer to be able to see the eyes.

When looking at the images this way it’s intriguing to be able to see how different they all are, especially the difference in how dilated the pupils are in each photograph. The top right eye is way more dilated than the rest, and the top left appear to be the smallest, although a few are similar. The pupils are also different shapes and some aren’t looking directly into the lens whether they noticed at the time or not.

I have found it easier to decide how I want the images to look by doing this and I have realised that I want the images to be more about the whole eye than just the iris as I think that being able to see more of it, it gives the eye more personality. I however made the decision not to have make up on the eye to avoid giving the eyes a gender but it I think that cropping them this way takes away too much of the person and makes it too impersonal and more scientific.


Lover’s eye brooch, 1800 – 20, England. Museum no. P.56-1977. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Another inspiration for having the eye’s in circles was the lover’s eye brooch people owned in the 1800s, the one shown above is in a oval sort of shape with pearls around the edge. I thought that this is a very interesting way of displaying the eye and how people had these as a remembrance of their loved one as though they are watching over them by only including the eye rather than their whole face. For my own work this is too romantic and personal and in a different direction than which I want to go, however it is a very intriguing concept.


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