BTF: Second Ink Experiment

Shown above is my second attempt at using ink in water to recreate the iris patterns. I used a Nikon D7000 with a 105mm macro lens to photograph the ink in the water but I found it very hard to focus due to all the different levels in the ink, there wasn’t just one area that I could focus on. Another issue I had was that lighting, I was just using daylight with a flash gun which I bounced off of a white wall. When I try this experiment again I’m going to see if there’s a light box I can use in order to light it from underneath to make the colours really pop. I also think I’m going to dry and actually draw the patterns on paper, copying the pictures I’ve taken and see how this works as well.

So far I do not feel like the ink in water images are close enough to the original photographs of the iris’ for me to use it in my final work as I really wanted them to just blend in with the eye, but I feel that these images are too obvious.


Shown above is the iris pattern I was trying to recreate, as you can see from the comparison of this image to the ones of the ink in water they don’t really look alike. I think the pattern is too intricate for me to recreate using ink in water as it’s very unpredictable, I can’t really control where the ink is going to go. To begin with I thought that this aspect of using this method would work in my favour and would make it look similar in the way it would mix together. Perhaps by using it on paper and being able to use a brush to control the strokes more I’ll be able to make a more accurate recreation.


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