BTF: Fourth Shoot

For my fourth shoot I wanted to photograph an eye I’d already photographed again because I had decided to not have make up on the eyes because it distracts from the iris and eye in general.
I however did not book the ring flash so I have to use a soft box instead which was harder to edit out that using the ring flash, it had to be positioned just right for it not be appear in the iris. I have been trying not to do this because the iris is the main feature of the eye and I didn’t want it to look odd or different that it should, although I do think that I have gotten better at using Photoshop and editing the eyes compared to my very first one.

Another thing I have been thinking about is how I want to display the eyes when we put them up for the exhibition. As my main focus has so far been focussed on the iris I wondered what they would look like cropped into a circle rather than square. Shown below is the result of this, I quite like the result as it looks very strange and an unusual way of presenting the eye. I’m still uncertain whether I’m going to do this for the final images, I think that I will try it with more and put them together to see how they look.


Fourth Shoot



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