Beyond the Frame: Experiment with Ink

For my eye project I began to think more about what the iris looked like and how I could perhaps recreate it in different ways and took the images using my iPhone.
Shown above is my experiment with ink and also watercolour, however watercolour blends in the water too well, the ink works much easier and creates a more interesting pattern.
The image on the left was purely just ink and the one of the right was watercolour and ink mixed together. Unfortunately I only had black and blue coloured inks so watercolour helped to create different colours for the background which the ink would go on top of, but I am planning on getting more colours and carry on experimenting just with ink.
I also tried to see what would happen if I put oil in the water but I only had oil paints so they just sank to the bottom and didn’t work.

As well as working in this way to recreate the patterns in the iris I am also interested in finding elements and object with the same sort of texture/colour pattern. For example, water or fire. This would be juxtaposed next to the original iris images, or even the pictures of the whole eye.

When experimenting again I will use a macro lens to get really close into the detail of the ink, I think then this will look closer to the pattern of the iris, as further away (you can’t get very close with an iPhone) it just looks like ink in water. At the moment I’m really interested in going really close in making it very abstract, I would like to be able to mix the close ups of the iris and the ones which are ink and the viewer not be able to tell which is which. One, a sort of man made creation, and the other created by a divine maker? This is certainly one concept I would like to look into.


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