Research: Alex Prager

The images above are taken from Alex Prager’s website ( and are of his project Compulsion (2012).
I found the way Prager placed the eye images with landscapes really interesting, they create a narrative around the expression of the eye as though what is in the landscape is what they were looking at when it was taken. The eyes on their own composed together in a collage also work well, they all have different lighting and emotions, some are looking up and some are looking down, some look scared and others look angry or shocked. A lot of Prager’s work looks like film stills and these are the same, it looks as though they have been taken straight from a dramatic scene. Similar to the film Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock after the famous shower stabbing scene when they close in on the eye and pan out until you can see her face. The close up shot on the right hand page on the far right one up from the bottom is the close up image i’m speaking about. As you can see, aside from the fact it’s black and white there is a distinctive relation between the film still and Prager’s images.

Rebello, S. (1990) Alfred Hitchcock and the making of “Psycho.” London: Marion Boyars Publishers.

In my own project I’m more focussing on the iris and pupil rather than the emotions of the eye. I’m also cropping the images down so that the eyebrow isn’t showing. I think I am however going to display my images in a similar way, in a grid or perhaps dotted randomly so they’re all looking at you when displayed. I’m planning on getting a typography together of the eyes so that I have a wide selection of iris colours and patterns.


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