Beyond the Frame: Third shoot

For my third shoot for my eyes series I used the same camera and lens but I used a ring flash instead of two hard lights. The ring flash worked a lot better to achieve an even light to photograph the eye and it was also a lot easier to edit the light out of the eye so I think this is the light source I am going to use for this project.

I have decided to crop the image even more so that the pupil and iris are the most prominent part of the picture. I have also decided that I want my images to be in colour. I have been enjoying experimenting cropping the images so that all you can see is the iris which is shown in the column to the right. The layout shown above I think is quite interesting as you have the eye on the left and then a close up of that eyes iris in the right. I think that this would make an interesting book so I might make a little one to see what it looks like with a similar layout as shown.

The iris is definitely the part of the eye that is interesting me the most, the patterns and colours are all so individual. They look very abstract when they’re on their own, I think all together you would be able to tell what they were however, especially if they were paired with the full images of the eye.

I’m going to continue taking pictures of eyes using the digital medium format Hasselblad with a macro lens but I’m hopefully going to find a way to make the pictures even more sharp. I want to have a big collection of eyes and will perhaps display many little prints during the exhibition.

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