Introduction to alternative processes

During this workshop we were shown different processes we can use in the in the art studio, which is located in Area E on the third floor.

Shown above are cyanotypes printed on different types of media showing the diversity of the different objects you can print on using it. Also on the far right shows the digital negative you need to use in order to do the cyanotype and also the different ways in which you can paint the paper to get different effects.

This one which is shown above is photo etching, the process is similar to normal etching where you do it by hand. This has a lot more detail that cyanotype as you can see from the difference between the two. Cyanotype also only comes out blue, whereas with photo etching you can use different colours. Salt prints are also very similar to cyanotypes but they turn out black and white and also have more detail than than cyanotypes.

Along with these processes we can also do screen prints and also make our own fabric patterns.


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