Beyond the Frame: Second shoot

For my second shoot of eyes for my beyond the frame project I used two hard lights again, I had forgotten that I wanted to try using the ring flash and was too late taking it out to use.

I didn’t want the model to wear any make up for the shoot but I didn’t bring any make up wipes so she had to keep it on, I will shoot the same eye again without make up in a future shoot.
I think that I am beginning to prefer using colour rather than black and white because I’m finding the colours in the eyes very interesting because they’re so different.
I cropped the images to different sizes to see what they look like. I quite like when the iris and the sclera are the only parts showing along with the veins and eyelashes as they all have quite different textures.

The iris is definitely the part of the eye that people are most interested in seeing, as you obviously can’t see this much detail just by looking in the mirror. Seeing a part of yourself you’ve never noticed before is also very intriguing as it look completely different in the picture to how it does just looking at someones eye, the flash seems to reveal all the different colours and shapes.

I’m still not sure what sort of direction I’m going in with this project but I’m going to continue photographing peoples eye in the way and see what happens, I think when I get more I will have a better idea of what I want to do with them.

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