Paper/Golden ground Workshop

During this workshop we looked at different types of paper and also different ways in which we can make photobooks without making proper books which we will do in a later module.

With photo paper you can get it coated and also un coated, and also coated on one side or both; this would mean that you would need to know which one is coated so that you know which side to print on.

Offset litho paper is oil based and is used for mass produced printing.

You can buy paper for printing from several different shops such as Paperchase or Atlantis.

Inkjet paper is water based and what we’ll be using when we do our book making module.

When figuring out what to do with photo books you can decide whether to bind or not bind, use an elastic band, staple, glue, sew the bind, or not bind it at all so that it can be opened up.

Another choice for a different way in presenting work is to paint emulsion onto an object such as a brick or fabric, liquid emulsion can also be used on different kinds of paper so that even if it’s not meant for photographic print you can still use it. There’s liquid emulsion that paints on clear so you’ll get the colour of the paper and also a matte one that paints on white.

A way in which we can present work in a cheap and easy way is to put them into cellophane bag and pin them to the wall.

Thinking about which paper to print on and how to display your images is really important for the exhibition. This workshop was very helpful and showed many different ways in which we can print and display our work.


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