Location Lighting

During our location lighting workshop we were working with portable lighting and a Hasselblad. We shot polaroids as a way to test the lighting and also shot 120 fujichrome film (transparency). We had to shoot using transparency film because with this you have to be very accurate with your light readings for it to come out correctly making it even more of a challenge.
Our main goal for this workshop was to learn how to combine flash and ambient light sources. On the first set of polaroids in our first location (in a class room) we placed two subjects in front of a window, this actually made combining the light quite difficult, especially as we were working with only one flash as the other was missing from our pack. What we found difficult was having the flash so that it wasn’t reflected in the window and also due to having only one flash unit we could only really focus on lighting one subject as to have it in the middle it would reflect into the window.

In order to combine the two light sources we had to begin by getting the flash to our desired fstop which was f8. We did this by doing an incident reading on the subject, once this was sorted we then took a polaroid to show this (image 1). Next we did a reflective reading on the ambient light source which was the light coming from the window, because this was back lit we had to do this by un covering the light meter and pointing it out the window. However to begin with we did this wrong and instead pointed the light meter towards the inside of the room, the result is shown in image 2. The correct reading is shown in image 3 where the daylight is properly exposed but the room is extremely underexposed.
In order to combine the two light sources we had to determine the shutter speed of the daylight at f8, which was 1/60, this is the fstop and shutter speed we needed to put into the camera in order to combine the two, our final polaroid from our first location shows this (image 4).

We then moved to a different location (images 5, 6, 7, and 8) where we then had two subjects to light (to begin with) the final shot we only had one. For this location we used the same process, but the ambient light source was a bit harder to work with.


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