Art History and Theory as Method

What interested me most in this lecture was looking at how photography influenced artists when it came to the poses their subjects are in. Many artists used photographs as a form of reference. As a project this is an area of art history that I would like to explore, especially on the models themselves and their history with both photography and art.

Shown above are the painting and drawing the first images influenced. Rossetti was heavily influenced by Jane Morris as you can see from the clear similarities in the hair in both images and the second image shows Alice Liddell who was the inspiration for Carroll’s weird and wonderful book ‘Alice in Wonderland’. In history models in photography have also influenced artists and also vice versa. Many photographers also take inspiration from paintings, they coincide with one another. It would seem however that in the 18th Century this was done a lot more than perhaps we see today. Most painting I see of models are hyper-realistic painting; rather than taking influence from certain features of the model they are trying to be just as detailed as the photograph itself.

When analysing the images above you can discuss the social history of the models themselves and discover who they modelled for and which artists have taken influence from them. I would also talk about gender as well, such as why painters seem to take more influence from females than male models; this is also something that still happens now. There seems to be something more aesthetically pleasing about women than men when in comes to both mediums. It could be intriguing to find male models from the 18th century that had influence on paintings as well just to see how many there are if they can be found.

In conclusion you can use art history to research the influence it has had on photography, especially looking at the models used and perhaps why they were chosen to further analyse imagery.


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