Beyond the Frame: Project ideas

For our module Beyond the Frame we are being challenged to go out of our comfort zone and really experiment with our projects. I have a main idea which I think I might go with but here are the ideas that I am playing with at the moment.


This is a project that I have spoken about in a previous post of which I wanted to do over the summer but due to technical difficulties with my camera I wasn’t able to continue it as I would have liked. Shown above are a couple of images I shot on my digital camera (I was working on a Mamiya C220) which gives you an idea on the sort of images I was taking.

If I were to do this project I would shoot using a medium format camera, possibly a Hasselblad using colour film. The portraits were taken in the subjects home which is what I would like to continue doing but would perhaps take a lighting kit to give me more options on where I can shoot. Prior to this as I would need to get in contact with people who would be willing to do this I thought that I would go to parks and places that are popular with pet owners and ask to take portraits of them as they are. Approaching people on the street is very much out of my comfort zone and I think would really push me and help me move forward as a photographer. I have never shot anyone (only unaware) that I don’t know or who hasn’t been introduced to me through someone I do know.

Along side these images would be text; their name, their pets name and the date. I would also like to talk to them about their pet, maybe such things as funny traits they have and just why they make a good companion to them as an individual. By talking and taking pictures of pet owners on the street I could also perhaps get in contact with people who would be interested in doing a formal shoot in their home or at a location. I will also put posters in pet shops and vets.


Catwalk is a project which I started during my A levels and have since wanted to carry on with it. With this project as I already know so much about what I want the outcome to be I’m not sure it’s experimental enough for this module and may leave it for another one. What I did was I made outfits I found from catwalks, a couple were from London College of Fashion and one was an outfit Lady Gaga wore and photographed a model in them on the street to capture peoples reactions.

To begin with I wanted to use the same camera as I started with but now I would like to try something new and make it even better, I spoke to students from the fashion design department at uni who would be interested if having their work be a part of this project so perhaps it’s something I might want to do for my final major project next year to make it really spectacular and so I can spend lots of time with students who would want to collaborate with me.



This was an idea which came to me during our digital medium format tutorial when we were taking detailed pictures of peoples eyes using a macro lens. Shown above is a single picture I took a couple of years ago using my own macro lens on my Nikon D7000, this is the only picture I have took like this but it has since been one of my favourites. I love how detailed it is and find the human eye fascinating, and photographing them this way it’s like our eyes are connecting through the camera, it’s so intimate but yet so distant at the same time. I would like to create a series of eyes in black and white as detailed as the one shown, perhaps even making sets using different eyes and displaying them this way.

As I haven’t really planned this idea much at all, it’s very fresh and new I think I could perhaps experiment with it a but more and have lots of fun with it.


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