Digital Medium Format Workshop

During this workshop we were shown how to use the digital medium format Hasselblad. These cameras are very expensive, there are ones that are specific for only using in the studio but there are also ones that we can take out and use on location, but only inside.

The two images above show how we set up the camera. For the lighting we used a ring flash to also give us some experience with it as we didn’t use it during first year.
First of all we set the tripod and fixed the ring flash and camera onto the tripod, we then had to connect the Hasselblad to a computer and through using software called Phocus, (which is free to download on any laptop or computer) we were able to control all the settings on the Hasselblad through this. We could also control the shutter release through the computer, this is handy as it won’t give any camera shake as it may do if we were to actually press the shutter release on the camera.
To get even more detail with the Hasselblad we can also use mirror up, this lifts up the mirror inside the camera so that when the shutter releases it will not cause the mirror to move, making a really sharp image.


As well as long shots we also did close ups of eyes using the ring flash, the result is shown above. To do this we used the mirror up setting. It was really interesting seeing eyes this up close, seeing all the different colours in the iris. Using the ring flash made the lighting very even and is a very popular light for make up artists to use as it creates a seemingly flawless complexion. This light did work very well but as the camera is very close to the eye, so is the ring flash and fires straight into the eye. In order to dim the flash you can connect another light source to the battery pack so less power is going to the ring flash.
Although the ring flash did work well for this I’m not keen on the ring of light that’s left in the eye, it’s very distracting, although this can be edited out using Photoshop.

The digital medium format Hasselblad is an excellent camera that gives lots of detail, and I look forward to using it in future projects.


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