Shown above are my favourite images that I took from our trip to Dungeness. The film I used was Fuji RDP ISO 100, which is a transparency film. I really liked the colour with this film, it’s very contrasted and vibrant which I think really makes the colours pop in the images. It was quite a dull day so the film was slightly underexposed, which turns out is actually good when it comes to transparency film.

The location was very interesting, I had never been before so I didn’t know what to expect from it. I don’t usually photograph landscapes but found this very intriguing to photograph. My favourite image that I took was the one on the far right, with this I think the exposure and the lighting at the time was perfect. It has a very moody and apocalyptic feel to it in this dessert land where there seems to be not life.

I think these three images fit quite well together to make a trilogy. Even the horizons of the two outer images are on the same level, making the middle stand out. If all the horizons were the same height it could even pass as one long image.

I will not be using these as part of my project, I did however find it a good exercise to get me thinking and taking pictures is always a good and inspiring way to begin a module. I also got to experiment with different film that I have never used before with my Pentax 35mm camera, which I may use again. It is also always great to be able to explore a new place, perhaps for future projects I will revisit it and do a shoot there, it is always useful to know places such as these exist that aren’t too far away.


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